Queen Mother

Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, was born in 1900, the ninth child of Lord and Lady Glamis. Despite popular belief, Elizabeth was born in London but spent much of her childhood at Glamis Castle

Young Elizabeth was a keen explorer and loved exploring the gardens with her brother and  taking walks into the village of Glamis to buy sweets from the local Post Office. Elizabeth was also a keen member of the Glamis Girl Guides. 

During the First World War Elizabeth was sent to Glamis for safety. Like other stately homes in Scotland, Glamis Castle became a convalescent home for the war wounded. Despite only being 14, Elizabeth was involved in caring for the wounded soldiers. 

Elizabeth’s second daughter Princess Margaret was born at Glamis Castle, the first royal baby born in Scotland for over 300 years. When the Queen Mother died, people from all over the world laid flowers at the gates of Glamis Castle. The beautiful set of gates at the entrance to the castle commemorates the Queen Mother.