Harry Lauder

Harry Lauder arrived in Arbroath at the age of 12 after the sudden death of his father. His mother, Isabella, had been born and brought up in Arbroath, and, with seven children and another on the way, she decided to move back to the town of her birth. 

It was in Arbroath that Harry's talents as an entertainer were first spotted, when he entered a singing competition in the John Street Hall. After only two years in Arbroath, the family moved to Hamilton, where Harry worked in the coal mines. After ten years of working in the mines and performing on stage whenever he had the chance, Harry was offered a full-time job in a concert party. He was a great success and before long, had his own touring company. 

Audiences the world over were soon singing along with his many tunes, including I Love A Lassie, Roamin' in The Gloamin' and Keep Right on to the End of the Road, which he wrote specially for the British soldiers who were fighting in the First World War. In 1919, he was knighted for his charity work and his fame continued to grow until he truly was one of the world's first superstars.