Family History Research

Come and trace your family tree in Angus and walk in the footsteps of your ancestors.

There is a rich source of local knowledge and history ready for you to unlock, with the help of library, museum and archive resources throughout the area. Angus has records going back many centuries through parish records and censuses. 

Angus Archives 

Angus Archives was established to help preserve the written heritage of Angus over the last 800 years. The centre contains a wealth of material for genealogists, both professional and amateur.

Download A Guide To Tracing Your Family History. This useful booklet is an easy to follow guide on how to research your family history and uncover the stories behind the names and dates.  

WW1 Heritage Trail

There are a number of memorials in Angus commemorating the serviceman and woman who fell during WW1. The World War 1 trail highlights the main war memorials in Angus.

Angus Kirkyard Trail 

Scottish kirkyards are a unique part of our heritage as the last resting places of our ancestors. They tell us about the life and death of individuals, their beliefs and even their artistic sensibilities through the choice of epitaphs and symbols. Gravestones are documents carved in stone, containing a wealth of genealogical information about names, dates, places and relationships. Angus is home to many old parish kirkyards set in delightful rural scenery.