Simulated Game Day at Kargarrie Estate

Clay Pigeon Shooting 700x500
Entry Fee

Costs: Per Gun £240 includes clays, cartridges and lunch
Costs: Per ½ gun £129 included clays, cartridges and lunch

Gun Hire £50 and coaches £60 available Since this is an 8 gun / 4 gun line up if there are 2 ladies wishing to hire a gun / coach then these can be shared between the ladies (if the same gun used) therefor halving the cost to each lady of gun hire and coach.

This is a customized day it is suitable for either non-license holders or less experienced shots as well as the more experienced lady. At all the shoots leading up to this event we are having mini flushes so plenty practice can be had before this day.

The day will be for eight Shooting Guests shooting four drives with 360 clays (“birds”) at each drive.

There are 4 drives, once all the teams have shot, all guns will move on to the next drive location. Each four gun team will effectively have the opportunity to shoot at 180 clays on each drive.

09.00 The Fun begins with coffee & bacon rolls and a welcome to the day’s activities.
09.15 Pre-Shoot Safety Briefing, followed by 2 drives
11ish Elevenses, followed by 2 drives
@13.30 Late lunch
14.45 Guns Depart

56.802713, -2.697539

Kargarrie Estate