The Attic

The Attic 700x500
Entry Fee

£7.  Children £5.

Starcatchers and Hazel Darwin-Clements present The Attic.

As Lucy and her imaginative and playful grandmother unpack old boxes and suitcases, the sleepy attic springs to life with memories and surprises.

This beautiful performance is about the bond between a grandparent and her grandchild. It is both nostalgic and a celebration of finding joy in the present, of which the entire audience - young and old - are an integral part.

Join in with an extravagant tea party under the stars!

Starcatchers is Scotland's National Arts and Early Years organisation, specialising in creating inspiring performances for babies and toddlers aged 0-5.

Event run by ANGUSalive


56.5579819, -2.5812846

Webster Memorial Theatre

64 High Street
DD11 1AW